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Hi, I am Jess Teacakes, others might know me as SSBBW Jae (OnlyJae.com)! I am a 34 year old Leo (Aries moon, Capricorn rising if you’re fancy!) from the Midwest. I have been in the adult industry for over 15 years. While creating adult content has been always been a passion of mine, I have been engaging in more (non-religious) spiritual and witchy practices and creation these days. I have been interested in all things occult since I was a teen and in the last 4 years or so, my preferred tool for divination has been tarot cards. Tarot has been around for hundreds of years and has taken on many forms but at it’s core, tarot is a tool to aid us in decision making. Tarot readers use imagery, numbers and other elements on the cards, along with their intuitive gifts, to give a client a snapshot of what they’re asking. Tarot is supposed to be a part of the decision making process and a guide NOT the sole answer for which you seek. I always remind clients that free will is a thing and that they are ultimately in control of their destiny.
Personally, I first got into tarot when my little brother gifted me my first ever tarot deck. I learned a lot on my own giving friends readings and to my surprise, got accurate results. Although I was a believer before, gaining confidence in my own abilities was a slow process. In 2020, I wanted to develop my skills even further; I ended up taking a class by Dina Brass (myspiritualrx.com). I not only improved my skill and the way I do my tarot readings, I also found a community that allowed me to grow and flourish. Research, practice (and a lot of it) and patience have lead me to a place where I am now – confident in myself and my ability to connect with spirit and guide those who seek it.
I often post collective energy readings on Tiktok ( tiktok.com/@jessteacakes ) and Instagram ( https://instagram.com/jessteacakes?igshid=OTJhZDVkZWE= ) which can provide some relatable guidance. I am building upon these platforms every day and will continue to post a variety of content but want to lean back into the tarot content. However, if you wanted a private reading or simply wanted to learn more about the process of getting a tarot reading itself, email me at jessteacakes@gmail.com
Much love and many thanks, Jess Teacakes 💗 Art credit: https://instagram.com/sukvshop?igshid=MjljNjAzYmU=

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