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The Curvy BBW Fashion Show is a special curated stage show designed for the plus size community and their fans.  It is a great opportunity for promotion from both the iHeartBBW brand as well as Exxxotica social media.   The fashion show is exclusive to the Exxxotica Expos.  

Please read IMPORTANT

We are a small team and work hard to get to every application as quickly as possible.  After filling out the application, here are additional steps that need to be taken to be considered for the Curvy BBW Fashion Show! 

  1. Fill out the application below.  
  2. Create a video for social media, tag us @iheartbbwcom and use hashtag #iheartbbw #iheartbbwcom #iheartbbwlive #CurvyBBWFashionShow and tell your followers to interact with the post.
  3. Follow us on social media (CLICK HERE FOR OUR LINKS)
  4. Join us on Discord (CLICK HERE

Here are some things you can do while you wait for our Thursday Night Live selection announcement:

Show support by chatting with us live on Youtube.com/iheartbbw on our various lives!  Watch our videos, like and leave comments!  Also share with your followers!  

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We look forward to seeing you and reviewing your application!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small team working hard to keep all the iHeartBBW projects going so that we can out on the fashion show.   Make sure you completed all of the tasks required to qualify.  

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Follow us on all social media (iheartbbw.com/links
  3. Record and post a video stating that you are applying to be in the Curvy BBW Fashion Show for Exxxotica.  Video script template: “Hey this is (your name)  I’m applying to be in the curvy bbw fashion show at exotica. Help me get selected by following & ! Like, share and comment their posts! Also comment under this video “Select me (your model name)"
  4. Make sure to tag us @iheartbbwcom and @bbwadventures in your posts. 
  5. When posting to instagram, invite @iheartbbwcom as a collaborator so it shows up on our page also!
  6. Use hashtags #iheartbbw #bbwadventures #curvybbwfashionshow
  7. Tune into our weekly live show on Youtube Thursdays 11pm EST to see if you were selected!  

Yes.  For now, we are individually responsible for creating and wearing our own outfits.  It is a great way to show your creativity and style!  We are working hard to get generous sponsors to donate items for us to showcase on stage but until then, we have are unable to supply your outfit(s),

We welcome people of all walks of life, genders, sizes and cultures to join us on stage.  Fill out the application, follow the steps and tune into our lives to see if you have been selected! 

No.  This is NOT a paid gig.  You are volunteering to participate in the Curvy BBW Fashion Show.

  • 3 day wristband to Exxxotica! (* limited requirements apply)
  • Exposure!  Exxxotica heavily promotes the fashion show and with their 2 million followers on twitter and 1 million followers on IG, this is a GREAT opportunity to get social media exposure.
  • Networking!  Being a part of the show brings attention to your brand.  
  • Bonding!  What better way to bond with your curvy peers than in the amazing BBW fashion show?
  • Content! Every aspect of the show is filmed and will air on iHeartBBW TV!~
  • It’s FUN!  
  • We often advertise the Curvy BBW Fashion Show in the iHeartBBW Magazine as well as print posters, flyers and other promo items at the show. 
  • There are plenty of other reasons to be involved so don’t miss your opportunity to participate! 

•Promotions prior to the show via social media. •We are doing twitter spaces (only audio), Instagram LIVES and Youtube lives to hype up and promote the show.  Show your support by going live, appearing in the comments, and promoting the lives to help get the word out.  •Show up on time! •Be in theme! •Remain professional at all times.  You represent Exxxotica, Iheartbbw.com and Platinum Puzzy so keep that in mind as you explore the show and enjoy yourself.   •ROCK THE STAGE AND SMILE!   •Respect & get consent!  It is easy in environments like this to forget that not everyone wants to be touched, fondled, spanked, flogged or the alike.  We all want to have our boundaries respected so please make sure you ask for consent before you engage in physical activities with another person.   •Not everyone has the same pronouns so let’s make sure if we are told that someone would like to be addressed as “they/them” or other pronouns, we are RESPECTFULLY receptive, and do our best to honor their pronouns.  

If you don't have it, don't worry.  Although we communicate on Discord, we can find a way to relay any changes, or details to you in the meantime.  

PLEASE DO!  We have limited time slots and spots open for a select number of models.  If you are NOT selected for one show, APPLY AGAIN!  In fact, promote that selection video.  Show up for lives and show support on social media!  We will see you and your determination will give you much better chances to get selected for a future show!  

The information we need often changes, and so does some of yours.  Due to social media accounts shutting down and other unforeseen events, the application is our way of collecting the necessary data to promote you if you are selected.  

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