BBW Fashion Show Application

We are a small team and work hard to get to every application as quickly as possible. If you haven’t heard from us, that does NOT mean you aren’t approved or accepted, it means we are working diligently on the various aspects of the show organization and just haven’t had a chance to review your application.

Here are some ways you can show support in the meantime and potentially get your name seen sooner than later by our team!

Follow us on social media (CLICK HERE FOR OUR LINKS)

Create a video for social media, tag us @iheartbbwcom and use hashtag #CurvyBBWFashionShow and tell your followers to interact with the post.

Show support by chatting with us live on IheartBBW.com/youtube on our various lives!

And on instagram live (instagram.com/iheartbbwcom)

Thank you for your interest in being in the Curvy BBW Fashion Show!

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