Hello! I am Big Big Cherry, I also go on social media as Boricurves. I am a photographer, social media manager, graphic designer, and adult content creator. I started doing SW over a year ago, but have been involved in other areas of it for longer.

When I started promoting my SW on social media, I made the decision to keep things separate. I wanted a platform that had content that follows all guidelines, and where I can monetize it, and another where I can promote my SW. I do not recommend this to everyone, because it can require some extra work.

One of the most important things to understand when growing your following is that quick following increase, does not equal longevity. You could get lots of likes and followers by posting risqué content, but in the current climate, this could mean a quick ban. Specially if you post frequently, you could get marked as someone with suspicious activity, and moderators would have a closer look at your content. This could get them to determine that what you are posting is trying to promote SW, or is violating one of their guidelines. Sadly, they will be harsher on you.

A platform that grows organically, and has people that care about YOU, and will engage, are far more valuable. They can bring the interest of brands, possibly get you highlighted in feeds with high traffic, and bring other opportunities.
If you take the time to build a community, it will pay off.

It is very important to note that you should not post your content based on what others get away with. As SWs, these platforms have a different set of rules for us, and they will be more strict enforcing their guidelines if they know you are a SW.

Avoid making yourself a target. You could be seeing someone who posts something risky, but they are most likely not monetizing, could have such engagement on their pages that they are treated differently, or their time to be banned is coming soon.

While I recommend to have more of a lifestyle focus on your profile in order to get monetization activated, here are some quick ideas that you could use on your pages to promote your work:
    ◦    Talk about your work fully clothed in an informative way
    ◦    Review tools that you use for your content
    ◦    Talk about the different services you use to work
    ◦    Show “a day in your life”
    ◦    Do a GRWM for a shoot
    ◦    Have fun with puns and innuendos without explicitly talking about what you do.

This is just a quick insight on how you can look at your social media, there is much more that goes into it. If you have any questions, contact: socials@bigbigcherry.com or find me on my socials @Boricurves on Instagram or @BigBigcherry on twitter.

Stay Safe (for work),

Big Big Cherry

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