This tweet shows one of the most popular clip sites, IWANTCLIPS, announcing that legislation passed a law that enforces age verification for any direct IP in the state of Lousiana. As producer, you won’t be able to access, visit or upload content to sites that are marked “adult in nature.” What does that mean for sex workers? It means that not only will you struggle to access the sites you update with your content, live stream from but also fans may experience issues will accessing adult content as well. The law was passed as an attempt to detour the production, sales and consumption of explicit content by minors, although the attack goes far beyond the protection of underage access.

“We’ve seen a frightening intensification of the ‘culture war’ in the US that’s led to extreme attacks – not just on sexual speech, but also on the basic acknowledgement of and respect for LGBTQ+ people and other sexual minorities. This is a very slippery slope.” quote from:

How do you circumvent this issue?
Get a VPN! Virtual Private Networks help protect you from unwanted hackers but also help to get around sticky situations like this!

Or you can move… which is a costly resolution and no guarantee you won’t face this again in your new state.

Good luck with this for our Lousiana sex workers!

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