It is safe to say that most people have a curious mind when it comes to what exists beyond our physical realm. On the other side of the coin, there are those who are skeptical of course, and truly have been closed off to the idea of a possibility that anyone has senses beyond what we know and have everyday access to.

Psychic mediums, along with other mystics, are often criticized for “faking” their gifts and that they are just good at “guessing”. One thing that most fail to realize is that anyone can unlock these natural intuitive gifts.
First thing’s first, remove any fear or skepticism surrounding the spiritual realm; easier said than done but it’s important to keep an open mind. If you made it this far, you’re at least curious. Tap into what you do know to be true. Maybe you are able to feel what a person is thinking before they even tell you, or you think of a person you haven’t heard from in years and all off the sudden they call you – this is all just scratching the surface of your intuitive abilities.

Going even deeper to develop your gifts, aside from keeping an open mind, you must be ready open receive and keep mindful practices. Being present, stating what you are grateful for, making peace with yourself at different stages of your life and yes, even doing some healing work. All of this takes time and is a never ending journey, but one worth taking on if you truly want to develop your power.

Meditation is one way to stay grounded while using and developing your power. Getting creative and releasing blocks through art is another way to stay mindful during your practices. Once you get more comfortable, there are several types of ways to use your intuition and the divination tools may not be so intimidating. Candles, herbs, tarot cards, automatic writing, incorporating astrology and moon cycles and simply “tapping in” and using your minds eye are just some examples of divination tools.

Wherever you’re at on your journey to unlocking your power, it’s important to not focus on what you haven’t accomplished and recognize how far you have come. Patience, as cliche as it sounds, is important. Protecting your power and putting boundaries with using your energy are equally important.

Finally, have fun and be safe ✨

Jess Teacakes
IG: @jessteacakes

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