Top 10 tips from Big Big Cherry

Identify your specific area of expertise or determine if you have a wide range of talents as a creator. It is important to identify and comprehend your target audience.

Choose a name that accurately represents your personality, the services or products you offer, or is distinctively unique. Ensure that the name you choose is available on all social media platforms. Check if it is a unique name that you can use as your username across all platforms. To ensure this, do your research before settling on a name.

Consider purchasing a domain as a long-term investment. This will allow you to maintain ownership regardless of account deletions or site changes, and you can redirect visitors to your new site using the domain. Domains are often affordable and worth the investment.

To create a strong and coherent bio, it’s important to use relevant keywords. By carefully selecting words and phrases that align with your brand or message, you can craft a compelling description that grabs attention. 

It’s okay to seek inspiration from other content creators, but avoid copying their work.

All activities can be considered as content, including filming clips of yourself at any time, getting ready in the morning, engaging in relaxation activities, enhancing your appearance, eating, cleaning, and being outdoors. Just make sure that it is something you keep posting consistently so subscribers know it is something you offer.

To showcase your personality and authenticity on SFW social media platforms, it’s recommended to opt for an amateur look as it’s preferred by most people. However, if that’s not your style, provide ways for your audience to see you in your natural element without professional photoshoots. Connect with your audience in a meaningful way, making them feel valued and appreciated. However, it’s important to prioritize paying customers and not allow non-paying individuals to consume too much of your time.

Partner with fellow creators that have similarities with you to expand your audience. Be proactive in networking, but exercise caution by checking references before collaborating with someone.

It’s a good idea to have business cards or stickers on hand to share with others. Additionally, creating marketable merchandise can also be a way to promote yourself and generate income.

Add a watermark to your pictures and videos, whether it’s a logo or text. This will help identify the source of your content and prevent others from using it without permission. This helps establish consistency, it’s recommended to include graphics and logos in your pages, even if they may not be perfect. You can then upgrade them as needed. It’s perfectly normal to rebrand and experiment with different styles and colors. Don’t hesitate to put yourself out there and make changes as needed. Waiting around won’t help, and a change could even attract more people to your brand.

Bonus Tip: Selecting a consistent color scheme for all your graphics, and your image can help establish your brand’s identity and make it easily recognizable.

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