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When it comes to slurping there are a lot of different methods we can approach to ensure a pleasurable moment for you and the penis. We could discuss which parts of the penis are sensitive: frenulum, base, or testicles. We can talk about which position is best to suck it in. The methods Fairy uses to enhance the oral experience are comparing sensual pleasure to hunger, insinuating eroticism in any given situation, and creating a routine that is expressive and fun. 

Comparing Horny To Hungry 

You go to your favorite restaurant and order your meal. Babe is in the kitchen cooking and it smells amazing. What is happening with your body? Your appetite increases, your mouth starts to salivate, you get chills down your spine, you start to get excited because you know this is about to be the best experience of your life. How do you feel when they ask for some head? Do you get excited? Do you start to get chills? Does your mouth get moist? When your food is gone you might experience these emotions: 

“Wow, that was a good meal.”

“Whew, I’m stuffed.” 

“Wish I had more to eat.” 

“Chef’s kiss.”

When you’re in the act of sucking dick what comes across your mind? 

“When is he going to cum?”

“This is taking forever.”

“My jaws are starting to hurt.”

“I can’t go that deep.” 

“Wish they would stop pulling my hair.”

“How long should I be down here before I get something in return?”

I’m not saying treat the dick like a hot dog but the dick should have more appreciation, saliva, and respect than food. (Just in that moment of sucking dick because we love food). Associating your hunger bugs to your horny appetite will increase your salivary glands response to intimacy. More saliva you accumulate the more you can use as dick juice. 

Insinuating Eroticism 

Now by this I mean at any given moment you might want to suck some dick. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when, where, why, how you make the decision or get asked to slob on a knob. However in any given situation there is an aura, a way you can make the activity fun in and outside the bedroom.


You and your partner are on a road trip and they ask for you to kiss the tip. Unless you have an auto-drive car, you can’t move your body the way you would like. After consent has been exchanged an idea would be first to give the penis a massage (lingam massage to be exact). During this time the blood is rushing to the tip and this moment can be used for verbal foreplay. This insinuates eroticism because it allows the penis owner to get excited and every little thing, small detail matters. 

You and babe are in the kitchen, they start to feel on your body while you’re cooking. You feel their print rubbing against your backside. You have 10 mins to spare and decide to slurp in the kitchen. We are not always looking for ejaculation as the end goal when it comes to fellatio. There are moments where you can engage the penis by edging, giving them a taste of what is to come in the future.

The point is throat goats practice. You cannot simply practice fellatio in the bedroom. Throat goats claim that title because at any given moment they are able to perform their best fellatio skills no matter the restrictions or circumstances. 

Creating a Head Routine 

You would hear other throat enthusiasts talk about how every penis is different and you should treat her differently each time. That is very true!  In creating a head routine, it is more so referring to having some type of consistent method to ensure you are going to do your best every single time. For example:

Create a dick sucking playlist. Wherever the occasion arises, you have a playlist that promotes your ability to be the slob of the year. This playlist should be a direct link to your fellatio skills. If you have a lot of slow, intimate, empathetic songs, then let that resemble in your head game where you would like to do more licks, passionate sucks, and kisses. If your playlist consists of head bangerz, hard 808 beats, steady rhythm, then your head games could resemble something that is more throat oriented, heavy saliva-based, fast with a lot of erotic sounds. If you feel like your head game is a mixture of both then you should have a playlist that consists of different songs that express your erotic wants, needs, and desires. 

Another type of routine you can create is a face routine. Not just taking care of your skin, but relaxing the muscles inside your face and your neck. Facials, face massages, neck rotations, face rollers, and gua sha are tools you can use to lighten the tension around the face and neck. A  stiff neck  and/or jaw can increase the possibility of lockjaw, which will limit the ability to perform at your best. 


Creating a head routine can give you some type of consistency needed for you and the penis satisfaction. Insinuating eroticism at any given scenario can help build the erotic mind and increase pleasure. Converting your hunger to horny energy will increase your chances of giving a lot of slop to the top. There is no one specific way to give your partner the best blow job ever. You have to ask them about their wants, needs, desires. You might consider taking a blow job class just to learn a few new extra tricks. An important tip I want to leave you with is remember to have consensual fun and throat goats practice. 

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“Knowledge cums before performance”. -Fairy Sex Mutha 

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