Get your bag 💰 at Conventions

It can be a very exciting but overwhelming experience planning to attend a big convention like Exxxotica. From the expenses of travel, packing the right things, and overall trying to create ways to safely and securely make your money back; certainly create quite the challenge.

Kari “Platinum Puzzy” Anthony shares some tips, tricks and resources for preparing for your trip, your show attendance and maximizing your return on investment.

Make STORE options on your website available EARLY.

Creating packages for fans to buy items in advance whether they attend or not gives you income in advance, AND helps you prepare for things you need to do while you are at the show.

VIP PACKAGES including printed materials autographed, selfie appointments, worn panties, shoes & lingerie and more can be created to allow PREPURCHASE planning.

If they are not attending, you can get autographs from other models on their behalf and charge. *Get a selfie with me and your favorite attending star for $50* then you ask for a quick video and have her say his name “Say hi to X his name X please.” BE PREPARED TO PAY HER. Even though we are talent also, it is GOOD etiquette to pay them for their photos and leave a good impression. INCLUDE that in your fee!

Worn clothing and shoes can be a great offering and item for sale. Show what you plan to bring, let them select their item of choice and prepurchase them! You can even create little videos showing off you wearing them in various places as an added bonus. Then, you slide them into the mail!

Offer a limited amount of CUSTOM CONTENT slots!

If you are already scheduled to shoot with other models, work out details to shoot custom content with them. Charge extra if you ARE shooting with someone else so that you can pay them also, and include fees like special outfits, video services if you hire someone, and other taxes! Doing so EARLY allows you time to plan accordingly!

Have other brands hire you to pass out flyers!

Many smaller brands and companies are finding difficulty traveling in these current times. Offer to have them ship their swag, flyers or products to do interviews and promote them while they are absent from the show! This especially works for fellow talent that can’t make it and saves them a ton of money!

Photo prints and other printed items are great to sell at the shows as well!

These are just a few ideas for how you can secure some revenue in advance and plan your trip to align with your presales! Get that money babe!

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