10 Tips for Attending Exxxotica

Whether you are attending for the first time, or you’ve been before; going to Exxxotica can be overwhelming especially when you are traveling. I have put together an expanded list of the things to consider and do in preparation for your up and coming attendance and travel.

  1. Start taking Vitamin C in advance.
    Being around that many people at the airport, on the plane and at the show will expose you to lots of bacteria and potentially other harmful contagious viruses. Not only is COVID-19 something to be cautious of, but there are other sicknesses and health ailments among large crowds. Taking vitamin C will help your immune system fight these unseen parasites while you enjoy your trip! Pack your medications and daily vitamins in advance!

2. Print or save your model release forms to your phone.

When shooting content, as most of us do; you want to have your forms ready to rock and roll without worrying that you won’t have proper release forms for everyone who stars in your content. This is VERY problematic as you go to upload your content and don’t have proper ID and consent forms as required.

Onlyfans release form requirements for NON Onlyfans creators: It should be 3 photos – an ID, a Release Form, and the photo of the model with an ID and a Release Form.
Make sure that the photos are colored, high quality, and not cropped. Avoid capturing glances, reflections, or other optical effects. The documents must be displayed in full size with minimum background. The text of the document should be legible.

3. Bring a shoulder sling bag or fanny pack to hold your ID, money, cards & phone.

You don’t want to carry a bunch of things around so packing light is a huge relief. Keep it light, and tight to avoid loss, theft or forgetting your items!

4. Wear comfortable shoes or bring a pair flip flops, slippers or slides to change into.

You are likely to be doing a lot of walking. Your feet are going to feel the pain of extra walking, twerking, dancing, and overall a long day and night of fun. Having comfortable shoes or an extra pair to change into when that moment hits…. will be a huge life saver and your feet will thank you later!

5. Leave valuables at home.

I personally have experienced a few moments of regret where I wore my expensive jewelry and potentially lost them or they were stolen. When you are running about trying to catch the action and enjoy yourself, the last thing you want to do is lose something special and of value to you. Your best option is to simply not bring it with you.

6. Bring a portable power bank and phone charger.

Your phone is going to die. Between phone calls, social media, selfies, videos and all the things you will be doing on your mobile device; it’s going to reach low battery or completely clonk out on you. Having a portable power bank will save you being in that moment of distress feeling like you are missing something important, can’t take a photo or get into your room with your digital key. This will literally save you!

7. Digital Luggage Scales will save you time and embarrassment at the airport!

Most airlines have a 50lb limitation on luggage weight. It is VERY easy to overpack and have your suitcase far over 50lbs. Nothing is more annoying when trying to catch a flight and go through TSA than to have to UNPACK and move things or BUY another bag at the airport because your luggage is overweight. Having this portable weight scale saves you the anxiety of not knowing how much your luggage weighs and helps you remove items to other bags that may still have room for those items.

8. Drink LOTS of water!

In ANY climate or location, being hydrated is key to maintaining the energy you will need to sustain. In hotter environments, it is especially important to drink plenty of water to survive higher temperatures as well.

9. Take pictures of people with their business cards, save to your notes with some information regarding what you talked about.

Things happen fast and you go from one conversation to another. It is EASY to forget who you talked to, what you talked about and have business cards that will be useless later if you are unable to recall the conversation. This is especially true at parties and events where you may be under the influence of alcohol or EXTREME FUN!

10. Take business cards with you EVERYWHERE you go!

It is essential to maximize your networking while attending events. Having your cards with you at all times will help you expand your reach and allow those who are interested in contacting you, an easier means to do so.

11. Bring condoms!

You never know what kind of encounters you may want to enjoy and having protection is KEY. Whether tested talent, a random civilian or whomever you may want to shag; these will be a definite MUST have for your trip! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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