The busty pinup princess Emma Lilly shares with us some of her most intimate secrets!

Photo credit: KAP Media Inc (Kari “Platinum Puzzy” Anthony

Introduce yourself and tell us how you came up with your stage name.

Hi I’m Emma Lilly! My stage name is an old nickname + one of my favorite names! I thought it sounded classy and a bit old Hollywood so it stuck!

When did you get into the industry?

I started in earnest in January 2020- turned out to be a very interesting time to start since the pandemic gave me a lot of time to experiment with what I like to do and build a following!

How did you get into the industry?

I started out posting faceless photos online and people kept coming to my dm’s asking to buy more and pay to do voice and video sessions! How could I say no? I did phone sex for a few years as I developed my clip creation skills and the rest is history!

How would you describe your content, industry personality & overall brand?

Emma Lilly is a glam big breasted Queen who enjoys crushing and cucking betas all while taking big facials after a messy blowjob!

Did you have anyone you were a fan of before you became a content creator?  If so, who?  

I’ve always been a big fan of porn! I’ve always enjoyed porn stars with fake boobs because it’s the complete opposite of what I have. Nina Elle and Reya Sunshine were two of my favorites back in the day!

Tell us about your first shoot experience, good, bad or indifferent.

My first time filming outside of my home studio was with Plumper Pass. I filmed some solo scenes and had lots of fun joking around with the makeup artist and director. I was not very confident with someone else in control of the camera, but I think I faked it pretty well! I did a scene where I was told to pour oil on myself… well they didn’t say how much and I poured about half the bottle on myself! It looked good on camera but was DEFINTILEY more of a mess than they planned for.

What type of content do you shoot?

I shoot a mix of solo fetish content and partnered content. I do boy-girl POV type videos with my in house stunt cock the most but I do like to try different things with a lot of different types of people.

What did you do before you became a content creator?

I was a Preschool Director. As a person working with children you are often sanitized to such a point that even having a glass of wine when out to dinner is looked down upon. I found the low pay and constant expectation to be at 150% each day to be stifling in the end and I was ready to get back to being my authentic self!

What is your favorite body part on your body?

My boobs pay my bills, thank you boobs.

Boxers or briefs and why.

I don’t wear underwear pretty much ever LOL

Coke or Pepsi?

Dr. Pepper!!

Name 3 rare facts unknown to most about yourself.

I am a vegetarian going on 13 years, I have never been out of the country, and I am a goonette!

What do you hope to achieve while in the industry?

I want to continue my creative pursuits while also having the time to enjoy my life and time with my loved ones!

Spell out your stage name:  Emma Lilly

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