BBW Fashion Show Details

Host:  Kari “Platinum Puzzy” Anthony

What we are showcasing:  Kix’ies Thigh High Stockings from (IG @karisclosetx)

The show times are:       

FRIDAY 6:30PM Call time 5:30PM

SATURDAY 4:45PM Call time 3:45PM

SUNDAY 2:45PM Call time 1:45PM

Call time is at BOOTH #103 on each day to pick up your thigh high stockings. 

If you are running late, unable to make it or having issues please call or text 443-424-2299.

You can elect to be in just 1, 2 or all 3 days.    

What is needed from you ASAP?  

  1. Your application completed and submitted! *apply to be in the fashion show CLICK HERE
  2. What day(s) you are going to be in the show. 
  3. Your social media for promotional purposes. 
  4. 8-10 high resolution photos for promotional purposes emailed to Karianthonyceo@gmail.com

📲Exxxotica will be promoting the event so get that to me ASAP!

Do you already have access to Exxxotica or will you need a wristband to get in? If you need a wristband to get into Exxxotica to attend the show, let me know ASAP! You will need to supply your FULL legal name to me so that I can put you on my list.  If you are already getting in with MFC or another company, you will not need anything additional just show up to the booth at CALL time NOT show time.  

🚨Please have your outfit(s) & heels (preferably) submitted for styling and selection of the pair(s) you will wear on stage to me by Monday Dec 1, 2021🚨


•The pair(s) you receive for the show are yours to keep.  Your pair(s) are given to you the day of the show at Call Time.  

•You will need to supply your own outfit and shoes.  

•You will be given your free pair the day of the show. I would like to assign your pair(s) in advance so if you know what you are wearing to the show, send me a photo and I will coordinate with what you are wearing.  

•The show is being filmed for product promotional purposes.

•Promotional photos will be needed before and after the show so make sure you stick around for a few minutes to make sure we get some good ones of you by yourself and then you with everyone who was in that day(s) show.  

You photos submitted will be used for promotional purposes both online & offline print materials to promote the show.  

•Please be prepared to bring your photo id and be prepared to sign a statement (with your legal name) that says you volunteered to be in the show and the items you received and keep and are for compensation for being in the show.  This is for Exxxotica’s records to report for taxes.

•You are going to be announced by your stage name!

•When posting your photos on social media please tag 

TWITTER: @platinumpuzzy1 @readcaseycarter @desirablebottom @exxxotica @exxxoticatv #boobtube #karisclosetx #bbwfashionshow #bbwlingerieshow

INSTAGRAM: @platinumpuzzy1 @thecaseycarterexperience @desirablebottomtv #exxxotica #boobtube #karisclosetx NawdiBrands@gmail.com

•Send IG friendly promo pics via the group on telegram  https://t.me/joinchat/76PuKVoM1DIyNmNh -no plumper pass photos please. 

•You MAY NOT be announced on the Exxxotica blog unless you have signed up with a company that has you appearing at their booth.  You will receive a promo image that says WILD STAGE SHOW ACT to use on your social media.  

•NO DRAMA – this is about unifying as BBW models, so whatever drama you might have with someone doesn’t belong here.  I want this to be a positive experience for you ladies, so let’s keep whatever negativity you have at the front door of Exxxotica.  If you can’t do that, simply remove yourself from the group and opt out of the show..  I have a zero tolerance policy for ultra-egos and unnecessary mean girl shit.  YOU ALL SHINE ON THE STAGE AND YOU ALL GET YOUR VERY OWN MOMENT TO LET YOUR PERSONALITY SLAY THE STAGE.  

•If you are a LATE/NO SHOW/NO CALL for ANY of the scheduled days, you are opted out for future days.  If you cannot make it, PLEASE notify me asap so that your spot can be filled.  (text 410-746-1995)

•Exxxotica, Kari Anthony Presents, IheartBBW representatives have the right to remove you from your appearance.  This is an opportunity that is given to a limited number of models.  Please be mindful that you represent Exxxotica, Boobtube, IHeartBBW, Karis Closet and other brands during your appearance at Exxxotica.  


•All performers will meet at the booth and go to the stage together.  Bring your change of clothes if you don’t want to wear what you wear on stage after the show.  You can store your clothes backstage during the show or at the booth.  

•You will each be given your stage # assignment for each day as we prepare to go up on stage.  Each of you will go on stage (I will tell you where to go when we are actually there) and I will say “and this is what SHE can do in her sexy thigh high stockings” == this is YOUR moment to twerk, shake your boobs, do a little dance, drop it like it’s hot, grab the stripper pole but you get a few seconds to show your talent.   Once you are given the que (UP NEXT IS…..) you go to the back of the stage and stay on stage until I finish the last model then you all go to the front of the stage for final photo opps and video captures.  I will show you who MY videographer is so you can make sure to blow the camera a kiss!!  This goes by REALLY fast, so feel free to slowly work the stage and show your curves!

•Please stay at the booth for at least 1 hour following the fashion show for poster signing and fan photos.  

If you are unable to attend the show, please text me or call me so I can find your replacement.  My number is 410-746-1995 or you can leave a message in the telegram group chat I made just for this:  https://t.me/joinchat/76PuKVoM1DIyNmNh

Perks of being in the show:

  • Exposure!  Exxxotica heavily promotes the fashion show and with their 1.5 million followers on twitter and 500k followers on IG, this is a GREAT opportunity to get social media exposure.
  • Networking!  Being a part of the show brings attention to your brand.  
  • Bonding!  What better way to bond with your curvy peers than in the amazing BBW fashion show?
  • Free Kixies!  Get a free pair of Kix’ies to wear in the fashion show!
  • It’s FUN!  
  • There are plenty of other reasons to be involved so don’t miss your opportunity to participate! 

Seeking volunteers!

At the DC show, we are seeking volunteers to pass out flyers to attendees, vendors and everyone at the show.  You will be given a PROMO code sticker to put on your flyers that you give out.  When customers make purchases with your promo code, you will get credit for them!  There will be prizes for models who generate sales with their promo codes!  

Video & Photo opportunities available for those who are willing to do photography of the fashion show, booth and models at the booth as well as a video person to film the weekend’s events.

Signing times will be created once we get the official stage schedule.  Please prepare to be at the booth and available to sign posters and other prints (I supply them & you get a set to take with you)

We MAY have a Q&A seminar.  If you are interested in being in the Q&A let me know.  This is not confirmed yet but want to have volunteers just in case! 

To apply to be in the fashion show CLICK HERE

Read posts & view photos from prior shows:



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