Kari “Platinum Puzzy” Anthony

Kari Anthony is an 20 year trailblazer who has made significant strides in the adult industry to provide more opportunities for BBW performers, get more mainstream recognition and create non discriminatory inclusive spaces for plus size creators.  

Most known for history changing projects that have paved the way for our adult entertainment community are:

•BBWFANFEST the first BBW awards 2012-2013

•BBWCAMHOUSE the first BBW live voyeur shoot/cam house 2014-2018

• a collective of BODY POSITIVE & SIZE INCLUSIVE individuals within a network of print media, live tv, radio podcast, and so much more!








Things to DO


What is needed from you ASAP? 

  1. Submit your site page info down below. CLICK HERE TO GO TO SUBMISSION FORM.
  2. Join our Discord to stay up to date with any changes, news or questions.  Also to  share your outfit selections.  


  3. Create a short video that says “Hi, I am (your name) and I am joining & BBWAdventures for the Curvy BBW Fashion Show in New Jersey! Make sure you follow them both, like share and comment on this post!  And come see us on stage!”    Tag us and invite us as a collaborator on instagram.  (also post and tag on twitter, tiktok and other social media) @bbwadventures 

  5. Submit your video to us for promo to Google Drive Folder (or on the media share channel on the Discord server)

  7. Join us for youtube live Thursdays at 11pm est  to talk about being in the fashion show at

  9. Fill out the appearance request with Exxxotica for the CURVY BBW FASHION SHOW here: **It is at Exxxotica’s discretion whether a late submission will be put on the website or promoted on their social media. We do not control when, if or how they promote our models.  
  10. Fill out the model release forms for your appearance in the fashion show.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MODEL RELEASE FORMS.

📲Exxxotica will be promoting the event so get that to us ASAP!



The show times are tentative and could change:    

FRIDAY 7:15PM Call time 5:00PM

SATURDAY 2:45PM Call time 1:45PM

SUNDAY 2:00PM Call time 1:00PM

Call time is at BOOTH #962 on each day to check-in and get ready for the fashion show.

If you are running late, unable to make it or having issues please call or text 443-424-2299. Or post in the DISCORD



🚨Be prepared for LINES and to have your bag(s) checked at the door which can cause delays in you arriving on time.  Especially FRIDAY when the show officially opens.  GET HERE EARLY TO AVOID GETTING STUCK AT THE DOOR.  We are NOT responsible for coming to get you through the lines and cannot by-pass required security measures.  If you are LATE on Friday and miss the show YOU FORFEIT your pass and will be removed from the lineup for the remaining days!!!!  🚨

New Jersey Themes


• Friday Boudoir & Body Jewelry as we are wearing sexy boudoir style corsets, lingerie and clothing with body jewelry.  
Saturday Villains ANY villain can be selected for this cosplay theme.  Please see our list of villains and see if your choice is still available or taken by another model.  We don’t want everyone doing the same cosplays.  
Sunday Typical Male Jobs where we are wearing outfits and costumes that are male based jobs.  “Anything they can do we can do better!”  Also see the list of jobs to see if your choice is already taken.  Also let us know what you select ASAP so we can add you to the list. 

What is expected of YOU

Promotions prior to the show via social media.
We are doing twitter spaces (only audio), Instagram LIVES and Youtube lives to hype up and promote the show.  Show your support by going live, appearing in the comments, and promoting the lives to help get the word out. 
Show up on time!
Be in theme!
Remain professional at all times.  You represent Exxxotica, and Platinum Puzzy so keep that in mind as you explore the show and enjoy yourself.  
Respect & get consent!  It is easy in environments like this to forget that not everyone wants to be touched, fondled, spanked, flogged or the alike.  We all want to have our boundaries respected so please make sure you ask for consent before you engage in physical activities with another person.  
Not everyone has the same pronouns so let’s make sure if we are told that someone would like to be addressed as “they/them” or other pronouns, we are RESPECTFULLY receptive, and do our best to honor their pronouns.  

Perks of being in the show:


  • 3 day wristband to Exxxotica! (* limited requirements apply)
  • Exposure!  Exxxotica heavily promotes the fashion show and with their 2 million followers on twitter and 1 million followers on IG, this is a GREAT opportunity to get social media exposure.
  • Networking!  Being a part of the show brings attention to your brand.  
  • Bonding!  What better way to bond with your curvy peers than in the amazing BBW fashion show?
  • Content! Every aspect of the show is filmed and will air on iHeartBBW TV and i the iHeartBBW Magazine!~
  • It’s FUN!  
  • By exhibiting at our booth, electricity, decorating, tables & chairs are provided among other supplies.
  • There are plenty of other reasons to be involved so don’t miss your opportunity to participate! 


•All performers will meet at the booth # 962 and go to the stage together.  Bring your change of clothes if you don’t want to wear what you wear on stage after the show.  You can store your clothes backstage during the show or at the booth in the pink wagon NOT in the middle of the floor or in the tent during the fashion show.  You are permitted to bring 1 SMALL bag. Large suitcases and big bags take up too much space for the small booth we have and are not permitted. Bring ONLY what you need.  The booth is not a storage space for your items AFTER you leave the booth. Please take your items with you immediately.
•iheartBBW staff is not responsible for your items left at the booth.  
•This is a GREAT opportunity to get selfies, take pictures and videos with the models and get footage.  Take advantage and snap some shots!
•We are REQUIRED to be backstage 15 minutes before show time EACH day. During that time we are conducting interviews for the documentary, taking photos and getting amped to go on stage. We also take group photos immediately following the show backstage so STAY ON STAGE, snap some shots. We will then move to the booth to allow a final opportunity to take photos, buy merch and grab your business cards.  Once we have finished group photo shots at the both, then you are free to take off!
•Exxxotica provides waters backstage for us!
•Arrive READY to go on stage. A dressing tent is being provided which can fit 1-2 models at a time. Please change QUICKLY. We need to make sure there is enough time for all models to change into their outfits.
•You will each be given your stage # assignment for each day as we prepare to go up on stage.  Each of you will go on stage (I will tell you where to go when we are actually there).  You are to walk on stage, walk to the left (stay a few seconds in each spot for photo opps and SMILE at our photographer and the audience), walk to the right of the stage (repeat the smile, look at our photographer) then back to the middle (repeat the smile, look at our photographer).  When you are in the middle, that is YOUR time to get your shine on == this is YOUR moment to twerk, shake your boobs, do a little dance, drop it like it’s hot, grab the stripper pole, do the splits, do a cartwheel but you get a few seconds to show your talent and rock the stage.   Once you are given the que (UP NEXT IS…..) you go to the back of the stage in the order you were called and stay on stage until I finish the last model then you all go to the front of the stage for final photo opps and video captures.  I will show you who MY videographer is so you can make sure to blow the camera a kiss!!  This goes by REALLY fast, so feel free to slowly work the stage and show your curves!
• If you wish to appear at the booth and selling ANY items, there is a fee assessed as the booth itself, the electricity, and taxes are paid by  This needs to be arranged prior to the show.  
•Please bring wipes, feminine spray, and deodorant, and consider your hygiene during this time. We are all VERY close to each other and share a space where bad hygiene can alter the energy of the show. I supply some of these items to ensure that you can handle any issues that may present themselves. It happens to ALL OF US. It gets hot inside the expo center, and with all the walking and extreme activities, the natural elements present odors.
If you are unable to attend the show, please text me or call me so I can find your replacement.  My number is 443-424-2299 or you can leave a message in the Discord group chat I made just for this:  DISCORD


•The booth is reserved for paying models.  If you wish to join us at the booth, please reach out to our model liaison for more information.  
•The booth is a place for us to make money and meet fans.  If you are at the booth, please limit socializing with peers at the booth and move conversations elsewhere to allow the space to be used for taking photos with fans and making money.  If you aren’t feeling positive and need to vent, please step away from the booth.  We have to be mindful that our energy is contagious and when we aren’t at our best it can affect the ability for others to make money or just drain their energy as well.  The last thing we need is a booth of unhappy people.  That doesn’t attract fans or money!  If you have a serious situation that needs to be handled immediately, please see the booth manager or Kari directly.  You can text 443-424-2299 at any time to ask for a private conversation so that any issues can be addressed immediately.  
•There is no eating at the booth.  Drinks must be limited and placed under the tables where they cannot be seen.  Please take a break to eat.  
•Significant others, lingering fans, male talent and models not in the fashion show are not welcome to hang around the booth. There is very limited space and to eliminate crowding, confusion, chaos, and issues that arise please keep guests from coming behind the booth.
•The booth is not a storage space for your items AFTER the show if you aren’t a part of the paid model booth. Please take your items with you immediately following the show if you are not actively participating in the group events AT the booth.  
• If you would like to sell anything (photos with fans, photo prints, or other – you will need to pay towards the fees incurred such as electricity, taxes, etc) contact our team ASAP as there is limited model space.  Email ( for more information.  
•If you wish to get a booth of your own, the show charges $800 for a solo model booth.  There are limited spaces remaining so if you are interested you can contact @Alexandra // 3XEvents and tell her sent you and you can request to be placed near us if possible.


•You will receive a 3-day wristband (DO NOT REMOVE IT FOR ANY REASON) which gives you access to the show floor, seminars, stage shows, etc. as long as you participate in the Saturday and Sunday show.  If you elect JUST Friday, you will have to register for ladies FREE Friday to enter the show or just get a 1 day ticket to enter.  If you are only appearing in the show for 1 day, you will only get a 1 day pass.  **IF YOU LOSE YOUR WRISTBAND YOU HAVE TO PAY $50 TO REPLACE IT.**
•You will need to supply your own outfits and shoes for each day’s theme.   
•The show is being filmed for promotional purposes. This content is owned and distributed by Models do NOT get copies of the footage unless otherwise distributed by Kari Anthony. If you wish to receive the professionally shot footage, you may make arrangements with Kari in advance where payment will be required. All services are paid for by
•Promotional photos will be needed before and after the show so make sure you stick around for 30 minutes to make sure we get some good ones of you by yourself and then you with everyone who was in that day(s) show.  
•Your photos submitted will be used for promotional purposes both online & offline print materials to promote the show.  
•Please be prepared to bring your photo id in order to obtain your wristband at will call and be prepared to sign a statement (with your legal name) that says you volunteered to be in the show and the items you received and keep and are for compensation for being in the show.  This is for Exxxotica’s records to report for taxes. You will also need to sign a model release form for the content that is shot during the show and at the booth.
•You are going to be announced by your stage name!
•When posting your photos on social media please tag the following:
TWITTER: @iheartbbwcom @exxxotica @bbwadventures #curvybbwfashionshow #iheartbbw #bbwadventures
INSTAGRAM:  @iheartbbwcom @bbwadventures #exxxotica #iheartbbw #curvybbwfashionshow #exxxotica #bbwadventures
•Send IG friendly promo pics via email to -no plumper pass or watermarked photos are permitted. 
•You will only be announced on the Exxxotica blog when you fill out this form APPEARANCE SUBMISSION. and mention you are appearing with iHeartBBW Fashion Show!  (ONLY approved BBW performers will be announced and promoted.  Exxxotica confirms ALL entries with our team.)
•NO DRAMA – this is about unifying as BBW models, so whatever drama you might have with someone doesn’t belong here.  I want this to be a positive experience for everyone, so let’s keep whatever negativity you have at the front door of Exxxotica.  If you can’t do that, simply remove yourself from the group and opt out of the show..  I have a zero tolerance policy for ultra-egos and unnecessary mean girl shit.  YOU ALL SHINE ON YOUR OWN AND GET YOUR VERY OWN MOMENT TO LET YOUR PERSONALITY SLAY THE STAGE.  
•If you are a LATE/NO SHOW/NO CALL for ANY of the scheduled days, you are opted out for future days and your wristband/access to the show is revoked.  If you cannot make it, PLEASE notify the model liaison asap so that your spot can be filled.  (text 443-424-2299)
•Exxxotica, Kari Anthony Presents, representatives have the right to remove you from your appearance at any time without explanation.  Your access to the show may also be revoked. This is an opportunity that is given to a limited number of models.  Please be mindful that you represent Exxxotica, Boobtube,, BBWXXXAdventures, Karis Closet X and other sponsor brands during your appearance at Exxxotica.  
•We have a Q&A seminar.  If you are interested in being in the Q&A let me know. 
•Wear a comfy pair of shoes, put on your heels backstage.


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