Witch better have my Honey… and Cinnamon, Cause we’re spell casting!!!

Author: Dazey Kakez

Join us next week as the very beautiful spookyfatbrat takes us through the steps of creating a self love jar! A self love jar is a vessle you will put ingredients in to help you call on confidence – whehter it’s romance, success or healing – whatever version of self love you are seeking. This type of spell falls in the realm of Folk Magic. Folk Magic is a type of magical practice that is based on centuries-old traditions, passed down through the generations. It is a form of traditional magic that relies on folklore, spiritual beliefs, and practical techniques to achieve desired goals and outcomes. Folk Magic is often seen as an umbrella term that includes practices such as spell casting, divination, herbalism, and more. It is a unique form of magic that is both spiritual and practical, allowing practitioners to tap into the energy of the natural world to bring forth positive change.

spookyfatbrat began her journey in 2019 and has had to learn intuitively as these practices were not passed down to her. If you are interested in learning about folk magic, here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Do your research. Learn about the history and traditions of your culture and the kind of folk magic you are interested in.
  2. Find a mentor. Connect with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in folk magic, and ask them for advice.
  3. Take your time. Don’t rush into anything. Take the time to really understand the basics of folk magic before you start creating and using spells.
  4. Practice. Folk magic is like any other skill. The more you practice, the better you will get.
  5. Have patience. Magic takes time and it may not happen as quickly as you want it to. Be patient and keep working on it.
  6. Be respectful. Folk magic is rooted in tradition and culture, so be sure to respect the rituals and practices.

However the great thing about working with spookyfatbrat is that we get to jump to step 4 today as we are getting a crash course on creating a Self Love Jar and casting a spell of confidence and good fortune!

Here is what to do:

  • Find a vessel for your spell (any jar, bowl, cup will do)
  • First cleanse area however you wish (incense, Sage, palo santo, florida water, sound bowls.. whatever)
  • Set your intention! The intention is to call in more self love, in return will give self confidence, romance, money, good luck ect
  • Find your ingredients! You need a sweetening agent! Something to sweeten your conditions to work in your favor.. can use sugar, honey, molasses ect 
  • Herbs that signify love/healing/money .. using dry herbs will be best so then your jar won’t mold .. marot.. or sour.. 
    • Rose
    • Chamomil
    • Cinnamon
    • Peppermint 
    • Jasmine
    • Hibiscus 
    • Skullcap 
    • Bay leaf
      • to name a few can also google some more! 
  • spookyfatbrat likes to write some affirmations down on a few slips of paper (write them In the present tense example: “I love myself very much” “I am confident and I attract favorable outcomes” ect.. write it like you already believe it or already have it!
  • If you want to add any crystals like rose quartz or selenite .. you can do that.. any thing that you feel like symbolizes love or self love and growth

Once you add your chosen ingredients to your Self Love Jar, add your intentions that you wrote and then add the sticky ingredient to make the magic “stick” to you and to the intentions. spookyfatbrat then says she seals the Jar and prays over her workings with psalm 23 but it’s not mandatory. Whether it’s sealing with a candle, prayer, intention, ect – you do what makes you feel the magic.

Now you might be a little confused by the Bible verse part because typically you might think that Magic and the Bible are on different playing fields – however HooDoo/ African American Folk Magic was created when ancestrial African Rituals were mixed with Christianity when the Transatlantic Slaves were forced to convert religions.

Mke sure you set a reminder so you don’t miss out when we meet with spookyfatbratand the rest of the iHeartBBW girls and make the Self Love Jars together!!

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