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Come learn Puzzy Health from Princess Havoc herself!

When you hear pH chances are you mind jumps straight to vaginal health, but today PH is gonna have you thinking about iHeartBBW Model, Princess Havoc! She is going to give us all the nitty gritty about your purring kitty. While everyone is different – she has jumped many hurdles due to her own vaginal sentivity and picked up many tricks along her journey.

Vaginal health is something that is hugely under talked about. It might sound cliche, but honestly everything affects the health of your vagina. Anything from soaps to razors to panties to medicines to food you eat, masturbating, the list goes on…

Thus far in her journey she has developed a very specific regimen for ultimate vaginal healthiness and will be sharing it with us on the iHeartBBW live Youtue next week!

In the industry or not, women want our vagina to be healthy because we want it to smell good and we wanted to taste good and we wanted to feel good. 

TIP 1: Take Probiotics

You might think that to achieve vaginal health, you need to dive straight into the kitty herself. However actuall you would be surprised at how much things you put in your body orally impact your health vaginally. I am being serious here, get your minds out of the gutters!! Kidding, we were all thinking it. However listen here you dirty bird, let’s get to the clean kitty. First step to having a healthy vagina is taking a good probiotic. You want to have something that has 30 billion active cultures or better, because the active cultures are key!! This gets into your gut and can repair all kinds of health issues, however you would be surprised how much gut health actually impacts your pH balance! Also don’t forget your yogurt too! As this is a big help as well!

TIP 2: Wash Properly

First and most importantly is the types of cleansing rituals you have. It’s very important to know that you should never use any kind of body soap on it. Or in it for that matter. Particularly nothing scented like dove or caress. You want to stick with products that are specifically designed for vaginas. Such as vagisil or monistat which both make a very effective vagina cleanser that also contains boric acid which assists and balancing pH, reducing smells and eliminating any itches. 

TIP 3: Don ‘t douche

It’s all so important to understand that even at your vagina’s healthiest it has different smells and different discharges throughout the cycle that are not always attributed to being clean or healthy but are perfectly natural such as a creamy discharge. The color is what indicates a problem or not. If it’s a white discharge that’s generally pretty normal, if it’s got a yellow or green tinge to it then you probably need to get checked because you have some type of infection. For sure what you should NEVER use is any type of Douche – these are detrimental. If you do notice just a slight change to your discharge or smell, you can always use boric acid suppositories. However I suggest just using them as needed and not daily.

TIP 4: Be Careful when shaving

Something else that is really important to pay attention to is the blades on your razor. They get wet and sit in the shower and when they dry it’s metal and water, oxidation happens, if you see any signs of rust on your razor obviously you need a new one. If your razor is dull or rusted it can cause all kinds of problems with micronics and cuts. It can also cause unsightly and painful ingrown hairs. I personally recommend a razor with at least five blades, The shave tends to be closer for obvious reasons and I have found that you get less ingrown hairs and cuts with the five or six blade razors. Just be very careful. 

TIP 5: Don’t wear harmful panties

Another thing that can impact the health of your vagina is the kind of panties you wear. While we all love some silk and lace panties, honestly those cotton granny panties we all hide for that time of the month are the most healthy ones we can be wearing. You shouldn’t be wearing anything that is super tight and strangling your kitty. She wants to breathe. 

I personally opt for the no panties option so she has ultimate breathability and only wear panties when necessary.

TIP 6: Condoms

Condoms are another big issue that no one talks about when it comes to vaginal health. Everybody is different so it may not apply in every case however for everyone there is a brand that is best for them that doesn’t change their pH or make them taste funny or itchy. For me my favorite brand is lifestyles tuxedo blacks. I can also do the skin condoms. Both of those I have found do not cause any pH issues and I can use with all my toys or partners and not get any kind of irritation or weird smells or tastes.

The worst offenders I have found causing internal irritation, which is contact dermatitis, some people are more sensitive, I digress, the worst offenders are sadly Trojan.

TIP 7: Lube

That brings me to the next important thing lubes. I consider myself to be a lube connoisseur given my extensive sexual history. I’ve used everything on the market from water-based to silicon based to spit, water, you name it I’ve tried it. Of all of the things I’ve tried I have found the best most non-PH altering lube to use is coconut oil. Never ever ever use baby oil on your vagina. It is horrible for your vagina health. It’s also not super great for your skin but that’s a debate for another day.

I get my coconut oil from the grocery store or Amazon. The key is for it to be organic and unprocessed. It will be solid but meltable and it is the bee’s knees.

TIP 8: Toys

Toys are next up on the list because we all use them a lot. I have an allergy to the materials that the silicone dildos are made out of so I tend to have to use condoms on any toys that aren’t glass. However, the cleaning regimen that I use while possibly excessive is very recommended.

It is my recommendation that once you’ve used a toy, it is washed and sanitized before It’s used again. The process that I use is first of all a hot washing in the sink with an antibacterial scent-free soap. I follow that by letting them air dry a little while and then spraying them down with alcohol. I then let them air dry before I put them away. I also take it a step farther and ever so often will run a sex toy dishwasher load where anything that is water safe gets run through on a cycle without soap of course to get any residual microbes and bacterias. I do highly suggest letting anybody who might discover them know before you do that because nothing beats the surprise of opening the dishwasher to find a rack full of big dicks.

TIP 9: Screenings

Taking care of your vaginal health is important for your overall wellbeing. Keeping your vagina clean and healthy can help prevent vaginal infections and other issues. To maintain healthy vaginal health, it is important to practice proper hygiene, wear breathable underwear, avoid douching, and monitor any changes in your vaginal health. Additionally, you may want to consider talking to your doctor about any possible health concerns and regular screenings.

TIP 10: Drink water

And the most important tip is to always drink water. Staying properly hydrated is always in fashion and healthy. For vaginal health it helps making sure that you have the proper lubrication down there. Plus, as a bonus feature – a hydrate kitty is a squirting kitty!!!

Join us tomorrow while we discuss these 10 Tips to keep your kitty purring on our Youtube live show with Princess Havoc herself!

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