We are starting off August with a 30 day photo challenge on Instagram!  

Inspired by our daily photo threads on Twitter, we wanted to find a way to incorporate that same participation and engagement on our instagram page!  This photo challenge is designed to inspired our followers, content creators and fans to interact with the challenge by posting each day’s theme.  Each day is different, and challenges you to either shoot photos for that particular day or find content you already have that falls under that theme!  What a fun way to show off your content and creative inspiration!

Here is how it works:

Check the day of the month, for instance today is Day 1 of August.  The theme is SELFIES.  You will post a selfie (or more) for today’s post.  

Then you will tag @iheartbbwcom and @bbwadventures 

Invite @iheartbbwcom to collaborate!

Use hashtags #iheartbbw #iheartbbcom #bbwxxxadventures #iheartbbwphotochallenge 

THESE IMAGES MUST BE SFW (safe for work) – and meet the TOS posting guidelines for Instagram to qualify!  

We will be selecting some of your posts to add to our page, story and even featured on our other social media platforms!  


We will be selecting a random person who posted EVERYDAY following the themes to win a FREE prize from our prize vault.  We have tickets to Exxxotica, 420 Expo, merch, a copy of our magazine, and other awesome prizes!  


Post the same images to Twitter (and tag us)


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24 thoughts on “August 30 Day Photo Challenge”
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