We all encounter situations like having covid, going through surgery, or other physical ailments and much-needed mental health breaks that make shooting content, camming, seeing clients or working in the clubs difficult or impossible. This can make you panic in fear of not being able to earn your normal income and support yourself. Don’t let your anxiety paralyze you and stop you from running your business! There are ways to supplement revenue while you are taking some time off.

Get your ipad or pen and paper! Prepare to take notes on things you can setup NOW to help you put these passive income sources in place now!

Promote your fellow performers on social media!

Most cam sites have an affiliate program that allow you to signup and promote perfomers! When you generate sales for them, you get a small percentage of the sale you generated. Not only is this a great way to earn extra income, but it also shows support for your peers and builds camaraderie!

The programs we suggest are on CRAKREVENUE so go signup and start making EASY money starting NOW!

Sell your used unwanted clothes on Poshmark!

Through time, you start to accumulate a lot of lingerie, clothing, costumes, and accessories. You can use this time to sift through all the things you have collected and make room to buy more! Sign up for POSHMARK and start selling your items which will help you make money from items you simply want to get rid of!

Offer promo for other performers and social media personalities!

You’ve spent a lot of time working on social media building a follower base. Whether you are on downtime or maybe want to earn extra income ANYTIME, you can sign up on XXXSHOUTOUTS.COM to sell your promo for social media, Onlyfans and other fan sites, guest interviews on podcasts and youtube channels and more. What a great way to utilize your hard work to generate additional income for those looking to pay for promotions and more?

Build your blog on your xxx friendly site hosting!

Most of the free blog sites online are NOT adult content friendly and will remove your content with a quickness! Don’t risk losing your content! Sign up for XXXSITEHOSTING.COM now and you can have your wordpress blog or website up and running in no time!
Why should you have a blog online? S E O!

Start collecting email addresses and using EMAIL MARKETING!

We rely entirely too much on social media, fan clubs and other places to keep us in touch with our fans. Unfortunately, if you lose your account or a site shuts down; that information is long gone. All you can do is hope they will find you again! Why wait for them to look for you? Start collecting email addresses NOW and create email marketing that reaches out to them directly whether you are active on social media, or whatever you may be doing at any given time! As with free blogs, many of the email marketing companies like MailChimp do NOT support adult content. This company has been adult friendly for over 20 years and a great source for staying in touch with your fan base! XXXEMAILMARKETING.COM

Have a sale!

I know it sounds redundant but bundling videos and other content packages of content you already have in your catalog can be a great way to earn additional income!

However you choose to make up for the money you could lose during off time, the goal is to DO SOMETHING! Moreso, plan ahead so those situations don’t catch you off guard!

*There are affiliate links in this post that earn a small percentage of revenue from any sign-ups or sales generated.

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