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Our Stage Experience

During our fashion show stage performance, we invite members of the audience to join us in our special segment where the fans come on stage with the curvy BBW fashion show models in a unique, exciting, fun, high energy interactive experience.  

Our models will volunteer to paddle, spank, face sit, flog, motorboat, lap dance, and other activities while finishing our stage appearance.  

Whether you are interested in being pulled on stage yourself or maybe you know someone who is celebrating a birthday, wedding, divorce or just eager to jump on stage and receive some attention from us and the crowd, this is your opportunity to let us know in advance!  

Make sure to fill out the application completely!  Your application is not a guarantee that you or whomever you are  electing to volunteer will be selected.  You and/or the person you signup must be in the audience during the show and your volunteer must be consenting to the activities.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome ALL audience members to volunteer to come on stage!  We've had a variety of different people jump on stage and have fun with us! 

You get to have fun with us!  What more could you ask for??  Actually, you could be eligible for some free items!  Come to our booth after the show to see what goodies might await!  Nothing is guaranteed, based on availability! 

Absolutely not!  You can use any name you wish!  

Of course you can!  In fact, we encourage it!  We just ask that you tag us in your content.  (See our links page for our tags for each platform!)

YES YES YES!!  Follow us over to the booth for a special photo opportunity at booth #521.  We are available for the next 30 minutes following the stage performance for fan photos!  

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