Whether you call them hot pants, short shorts, cutoffs, booty shorts or Daisy Dukes – you know that when you wear a pair of denim shorts with that frayed fringe, you are bound to send some hearts racing! They are no more for skinny legs, show off them Thunder Thighs!! Join us this Thursday as the Daisy Duke Duchess herself teaches us how to make the perfect pair of cut off shorts. Dazey Kakez can often be seen not just rocking her DIY Dukes on all of her social media, but also making them!

Here are her steps to making the Daisy Dukes that Don’t Disappoint!

    • Find an older pair of jeans
      • Especially if you have a pair on their last leg – pun intended
      • Look for some that have thinning thighs due to chub rub 😜
    • Put them on and mark where you want to cut on the seems with a sharpie
      • Remember you can aim low and take off more – but you cant add more on!
    • Take them off and cut slits where you marked
    • Turn them inside out and use a pen to connect the marks
    • Cut them into shorts
      • Now is a good time to try them on and repeat steps 2-4 if too long for your taste
    • Open the scissors and make slashes where you like
    • Use sandpaper and fray the edges
    • Also fray the slashes
    • Use tweezers to pull specific strands
    • Wash and dry them – they will get better with each wash

According to Dazey, the shorts might not look perfect immediatly after making them – but they will get better with each wash! The fray and fringe pulls more and gives that full cut off effect – that some people might not see when first making them. But don’t be discouraged!!! She swears if you make them now, they will be perfect by Spring! While we all wait for summer, your new pair of Daisy Dukes will pair perfectly with an iHeartBBW hoodie!!!

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