It’s TIME! The official back cover contest opens for entries and we want to see you enter!

Wouldn’t you love to see YOUR image on the back cover for all to see?

In the world of content creation, the back cover of a magazine is a coveted spot, graced by the most captivating and alluring faces in the community. It’s a place where elegance meets artistry, and where a single image can leave an indelible mark on readers’ minds. In our relentless pursuit of excellence and fresh perspectives, we are thrilled to announce an exciting contest—a search for the next model to grace the back cover of our upcoming magazine issue.

The next issue of iHeartBBW Magazine launches November 3, 2023 at Exxxotica New Jersey and our third issue this year!

Why the Back Cover Matters

The back cover of a magazine serves as a grand finale, a lasting impression that leaves readers with a glimpse of what’s inside. It’s a canvas that combines fashion, creativity, and beauty to tell a story or convey a mood. From haute couture to avant-garde, it’s a platform for artistic expression and a reflection of the magazine’s ethos.

Our Magazine: A Canvas of Artistry

Our magazine has been celebrated for its ability to capture beauty in its myriad forms. Whether through striking photography, innovative themed fashion spreads, or thought-provoking articles, we are dedicated to showcasing the beauty of curves in the world. Now, we are searching for the perfect face to embody that beauty and to adorn our back cover.

The Contest: Your Chance to Shine

Our model search contest is open to aspiring and established models alike, as we believe that beauty knows no bounds.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Submit Your Entry: To enter the contest, submit a high-quality vertical photograph that captures your unique beauty and personality. We are seeking a more avant-garde image, as we welcome all styles and interpretations.    **Photo quality  2,250 by 3,300 pixels, or 8.03 MP.**
  2. Tell Your Story: Along with your photograph, share your story. What does being curvy mean to you? How do you represent it in your life and career?  What does being on the back cover of our magazine mean to you?  We want to hear your voice and your perspective.  Send your story WITH your photos together EMAILED to:
  3. Engage with Our Community: We will share the entries on our website and social media platforms. Engage with your followers and our community by using the contest hashtag and encouraging them to support your entry.
  4. The Judging Process: We have created a VOTING system to narrow down the entries.  To be entered into the voting system you must have sent your photo(s), your story, and engaged with us on social media.  We will discuss the results on our youtube channel every Thursday 11pm est looking to see entrants in the chat to support our channel and further support their entry. Each week we will have some that will make it to the next phase based on the following criteria.
  5. Minimal Requirements: All entrants must be following us on social media, signed up for our email list and engaging with our social media posts.  You must have permission to use the photo and credit the photographer for any photos obtained from a third party photography service. 
  6. You DO NOT have to be an adult entertainer to enter or win.

What we are looking for when selecting our back cover model:






And of course the amount of votes on our voting board will help your entry but will NOT determine the final selection.  

The images cannot contain nudity or explicit acts of sexual nature. Cover images must be SAFE FOR WORK.

The Prizes

The model chosen to grace the back cover of our magazine will receive:

  1. Their HIGH QUALITY image on the back cover of the magazine.
  2. A full page feature article highlighting their journey and perspective along with additional images.
  3. A printed copy of the magazine with their image on the back cover.
  4. The ability to place their QR code inside the article page to promote their links page.
  5. Exposure and recognition.

The contest ends Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2023. The winner will be announced Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 11pm est on

The back cover awaits its next muse—will it be you?

BONUS exposure!
Post a video on social media and invite us to be a collaborator (instagram @iheartbbwcom) tag us and use hashtags: #iheartbbw #iheartbbwmagazine #iheartbbwmagazinecovercontest #bbwadventures #bbwxxxadventures

Not sure what to say?
“Hey this is (your name) and I am entering the contest for the back cover of iHeartBBW Magazine Issue #3! I need YOU to help me win by following @iheartbbwcom, engaging with their posts (like, comment & share) and voting for me on the site!”


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